Loafers Craze

Recently, I am crazy about loafers. I do fancy loafers from start but recently, it is an addiction to loafers. Everywhere I shop, I look for loafers. I just want a pair of loafers. Okay, maybe not just one but two or three or even ten. How can anyone say no to loafers? It looks comfortable, fashionable and chic. It is a pair of shoe that can glam an day look. I am in love with Celine’s Loafers! It is to die for.

Black and White

Tartan Prints

Gold & Black Patent 

I am a big fan of Celine’s Loafers as it has this masculine touch to it but yet, it is feminine and chic. The loafers can just fit my everyday wear. I can totally pair up with boyfriend’s jeans and white tee with Celine’s Loafers and I will look chic. The loafers are amazing. Everyone should have a pair of Celine’s loafers. People, it is a Need.

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Acne Studios x Liberty

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Who doesn’t love a good print? Liberty of London has collaborated with the likes of Target, J.Crew, and Nike resulting in unique twists on basic silhouettes. I love Liberty prints and this latest collaboration is no exception. Curated by Jonny Johansson, this latest collaboration features classic Liberty prints on Acne Studios pieces, like their classic motorcycle jacket. Not for the price sensitive, these will likely not be making their way into my closet, but I love admiring them from a distance.

What do you guys think?

images via Acne Studios

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Chanel Fall 2014/15 : Grocery Shopping in Chanel’s Mall

The setting was about shopping Chanel’s Megastore. It felt like a candy land; a piece of conceptual artwork! I wish I could shop at Chanel’s Megastore with Rihanna and Cara and Joan! For this collection, it is all about the sneakers. I am in love with Chanel’s sneakers! How can anyone say no? Karl had to continue from the previous collection. Those sneakers are hard to forget. The trench coat were calling out Chanel. Karl was heading for a sporty look when Cara opened the show with raggy workout-wear. However, there was chicness to the outfits. There were variation of silhouette going on. It was somewhat comforting and yet, classy as there were oversized onesis and trench coat. The fabric which was commonly seen is metallic, velvet  and more metallic!

Even the shopping basket is so chic. It is like a fashion shopping megastore. I will totally dress up as Chanel and be in there! I totally love what Karl has done to Chanel’s bag. It did play a part in a megastore but yet, it look so elegant. Karl just make grocery shopping looks fashionable.

This is my favourite part of the show. The sneakers! If only I can have the knee cut sneakers! It is something I would wear on my causal basis.  Furthermore, I love how the sneaker played with materials of knitting and holograph. I just want to have one! Brilliant.

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Well, I am finally back at blogging again! Be sure to catch me here often with all these Fall Runways going on. Been catching up and looking at runways by the brilliant designers! Before we get into the Fall Runway, let’s go to the OSCARS Red Carpet! I mean how can you not be prepared for this! Though Jennifer Lawrence fell within minutes on the Red Carpet. Well, she is the only celebrity that fall and laughed it off anyways! Well, let’s get straight to the point and judge the Best Dressed and Worst Dressed in this year’s Oscars!


Cate Blanchett, Oscars

Cate Blanchett in Giorgio Armani 

I am not a big fan of sparkles and sequins on Red Carpet but this dress just work. Brilliant design. The details were brilliantly done. It wasn’t heavy in details. It is constant with those sequins and beads which worked very well to make it as a Red Carpet Dress. With the light material, the dress was glowing and dreamy. Plus points will be her hair, her make up and her accessories. Everything just came into the place. I really love the classy hair updo with this dress. Gorgeous! 

Lupita Nyong in Prada

Congrats to her in winning her first Oscars! She has caught my attention for quite some time. I love the colours she always wear for Red Carpets or for some events. She looked stunning! This dress was simple. Pleating and the low-V just work for her. In addition, the pastel blue suits her. Elegant piece of work! 

Jennifer Lawrence in Dior Couture 

J.L is the girl that falls during Oscars! I love this dress on her! It shows off her curves. Her body looked flattening here. With her backward necklace, the whole look works. This tomato red looks great on her. She looks fierce and strong! 

Angeline Jolie in Elie Saab Haute Couture 

Brad Pitt looked hot as always! But the focus here is Jolie. She looked absolutely stunning. I am glad she drop the black look and go for other shades of colour. From what I can remember from Jolie is she always love to wear black.Well, I admit that black is a hard colour to say no to. But this Elie Saab’s dress looks classy on her! Beautiful! 

Amy Adams in Gucci

The silhouette of this dress fits Amy Adams perfectly! I love the blue tone on her. Though, I wish she could wore a light jewelry on her neck to complete the look. Probably a necklace that suits the earrings as well. I guess it will turn up a notch!

Anne Hathaway in Gucci

Well, the fashion police said Anne was wearing an amour in front of her and named it the worst dress but to me, it was one of the best dressed. Yes, I do agree there is alot going on but the dress’s silhouette was simple and she toned down in her accessories. It was all about the dress! I adore this dress on her! She pulls it off!

Emma Watson in Vera Wang

I love her look! The dress’s metallic material and playing with shades of black looks chic and sexy! This Wang dress suits her very well! I love the cut of the dress at the end. Well-executed!


Olivia Wilde in Valentino

Among all the pregnant ladies, Olivia Wilde dressed the best that day! It was simple, neat and clean. I love the turtle neck and the colour of black and white going on. The dress looks good on her with the bump there! Mother-to-be looking good!


Idina Menzel in Vera Wang

I love Vera Wang but this dress didn’t felt right for a Red Carpet. The drapes were overwhelming plus the dress colour was not an appealing colour. In addition, the material of the dress looks stiff and heavy. That’s why the look didn’t come off very well. Maybe if the lower part of the body did not have the drapes and goes for a simple flow from the upper body to the lower body, I guess it will look better. The upper part of the dress looks amazing by itself!

Elsa Pataky 

I don’t know who is the designer behind her dress but I don’t love the silhouette going on. I think she is a gorgeous woman but this dress plus her bump does not look good at all. Her bump is huge and this dress is just enhancing the bump on her. It did not look pleasant. The low cut and the waist line do not complement each other. I feel that if the waist line marking is not there and it just flow, it will look better as her dress has a lot of details going on.

Sally Hawkins in Valentino

It is the hair. If the hair was done up and style nicely, I think this look might work. Right now, this whole look have too many things going on. The dress is gorgeous! I love Valentino’s dresses but her heavy huge curls just make her appearance looked like there is so many things going on. She got to do it up! Maybe it will make a difference!

Anna Kendrick in J. Mendel 

I think this is the worst dressed? Well, there was so many things going on : the back of the dress, the show off my leg look, the front of the dress, the red stones on the front of the dress, the pleating. There is way too many things. She is a gorgeous woman but this dress is not the Red Carpet dress. Honestly, I can’t look at it for long. It is just all over the place. It is just too much!

Penelope Cruz In Giambattista Valli

Firstly, I love the colour and I love Giambattista Valli’s clothes!  However, it is just there is so much cloth going on and it just reminded me of a Sari. Drapes and Drapes and more Drapes. And she is holding extra cloth around her arm. If those excess cloth can be removed, maybe it will look better!

Well, I come to the end of the Red Carpet Discussion! Well, leave a comment if you like! Thanks for reading!

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DSquared2 ~ Autumn/Winter 2014/15, Ready-to-Wear

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IF, three cities in, anyone is suffering from fashion fatigue, then Dean and Dan Caten have got it covered. This morning they set up a “hospital” for those feeling victimised of the fashion variety as their autumn/winter 2014 charade kicked into action and Sixties glamour – albeit purposefully dishevelled at times – took to the catwalk. Ankles on super high sandals came suitably shackled (for restraint purposes, obviously), and every outfit had an air of Norma Desmond about it, this Hollywood star now hiding behind her bejewelled sunglasses and satin column gowns in the confines of the DSquared2 institution.

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Missing IN Action


Hello Readers! ( If there is any out there reading )

Well, this year has been a pretty rough start with my Final Year Project going on which deals with animation. I had zero knowledge on animation and is expect to finish it within 2-3 months. Well, I managed to finish it but it is not perfect. There are flaws in the video but I am proud of how much I done and even if my lecturers don’t appreciate it, I will still pad my shoulder and tell myself : Good Job!

Another big news is I am graduating! Well, 3 years in Polytechnic is not very long after all. Reality is hitting me real hard. Now, I am panicking on what job I should take or what is my future gonna be like. Life is unpredictable. All I know is I want to do something I truly love and enjoy. In 20 years down the road, I don’t want to be an old hag that regretted her decision on her career path. I want to live my life the way I want. Even though it is just a dream/ a goal, it still is a dream. You don’t just tell someone to drop their dream. You encourage people to pursue their dreams, no matter how crazy it seems. As long as someone tells you that you can do it, you eventually will! Well, I wish my parents were that supportive.

Well, I just got to push on.


Elie Saab Spring 2014 Haute Couture : Dreamy

Elie Saab is one designer that made me look forward to see his collection for every runway. What I really like about him is his detailing and technical work. You can see my post on my top 10 favourite designer. 

Silver Favourites, 1903, oil on wood

This collection is brilliantly executed. He seemed to be inspired by the nineteenth-century Dutch artist Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema painted scenes from the Roman Empire. His subjects always seemed to be reclining amid marble statuary, and there was a good chance that the Mediterranean Sea was shimmering in the background. His artwork has a sense of dreamy and romantic element to it. This is reflected on Elie Saab’s Haute Couture Collection.

Elie lifted the pastel colour elements from Alma-Tadema painting; blush pink, hydrangea blue, and lilac. He used the simple cuts of a classical dress of empire waist and the gently draped volumes. It was feminine and light. It had this red carpet touch. He also extracted the Roman Clothing Silhouette like Stola and Polla; playing with the factor of pleating. His signature embroideries and appliqués were a handful of gossamer-light pleated goddess gowns.

I love how he make sheer seem so elegant. The runway brought us into the world of Roman Empire in Spring. Every girl would want to have a Elie Saab’s dress. It is great to see him moving from his monochromatic comfort zone by boasting fluid skirt with an ombre of violet, citrine, vivid blue, and coral, like an Alma-Tadema sky.

He ended his collection with a Haute Couture Bride Gown. Spectacular

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The Window to Our Soul

3rd day of 2014. I wanted to start this year well but things don’t usually go the way we plan. Relationship have its ups and downs. I envy cute couples on street; when the boy looks at the girl from the side or when their eyes met. It feels sincere and true. As the saying goes, ” Eyes are the window to our soul. ” Truly it is. You can never lie with your eyes about your feelings. Emotions are translated through our eyes. To look into your partner’s eyes, you can identity if he/she is true to you. I wish I can look into my boyfriend’s eyes; to make me feel less insecure and believe in our relationship more.

Didn’t manage to see him for more than 2 weeks and when he came back, we barely got time for each other. He is busy earning money and studying so am I. Having a part time job and school is not easy. With CCA, it is even more tiring. As a girl, it feels so distance like I barely feel him around. I think most girls will feel this way if they had lesser time with their boy. I just feel a ting of sadness as I can’t hold him like I use to. I can’t glance at him from a side. I can’t see his face and look into his eyes. I only have a picture of him to look at.

Sometimes, when the night comes, my mind run wild. 

Model Crush : Erika Linder

One word about this girl : Amazing

Erika Linder is an Androgynous Model, like Andrej Pejić. She is known to be the young Leonardo Dicarpio. Furthermore, she is only 20! Sometimes, I asked myself what am I doing with my life when I see young people accomplish their goal at my age. Envy. She is so charming. I can’t get my eyes off her. She is beautiful and hot at the same time. She is also featured in Katy Perry’s Music Video : Unconditionally. I think to myself : What a beautiful creature on Earth. Have you seen her male model shots? It is to die for.

Her Young Leonardo Dicarpio Shot. 


You got the taste of her male shots. Now, let’s embrace this female model shots. She is a goddess. I wonder how she do it, looking so good in both male and female shot.

Amazing right! Damn. Love her to death!

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