Chanel SS 2015 : Back off Gentlemen, Here comes the Ladies

Finally, I got to sit down and watch the fashion runways. Yes, I know I am too damn slow. Forgive me for I have sins. Chanel’s Runway impressed me the most though I wish the clothes could have been better but I do enjoy the concept behind the collection. Apparently from what I have read,  Karl Lagerfield was trying to recreate an history moment MAY 1968. The 1968 crisis has changed the lives of women. They have become more free and respected. They discover that they have the right to speak out. You can see through the clothes that it has the touch of the vibe in the 60s, from the retro to the hippy. The transition was done nicely. I do enjoy how he played with the materials and the shoes are a killer. I always want a Chanel Shoe. It looks damn good!

Enjoy the video guys!

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