Model Crush : Erika Linder

One word about this girl : Amazing

Erika Linder is an Androgynous Model, like Andrej Pejić. She is known to be the young Leonardo Dicarpio. Furthermore, she is only 20! Sometimes, I asked myself what am I doing with my life when I see young people accomplish their goal at my age. Envy. She is so charming. I can’t get my eyes off her. She is beautiful and hot at the same time. She is also featured in Katy Perry’s Music Video : Unconditionally. I think to myself : What a beautiful creature on Earth. Have you seen her male model shots? It is to die for.

Her Young Leonardo Dicarpio Shot. 


You got the taste of her male shots. Now, let’s embrace this female model shots. She is a goddess. I wonder how she do it, looking so good in both male and female shot.

Amazing right! Damn. Love her to death!

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