Loafers Craze

Recently, I am crazy about loafers. I do fancy loafers from start but recently, it is an addiction to loafers. Everywhere I shop, I look for loafers. I just want a pair of loafers. Okay, maybe not just one but two or three or even ten. How can anyone say no to loafers? It looks comfortable, fashionable and chic. It is a pair of shoe that can glam an day look. I am in love with Celine’s Loafers! It is to die for.

Black and White

Tartan Prints

Gold & Black Patent 

I am a big fan of Celine’s Loafers as it has this masculine touch to it but yet, it is feminine and chic. The loafers can just fit my everyday wear. I can totally pair up with boyfriend’s jeans and white tee with Celine’s Loafers and I will look chic. The loafers are amazing. Everyone should have a pair of Celine’s loafers. People, it is a Need.

source : pinterest.com 

New found love : White Shirt

Who doesn’t love white? I know everyone has one white shirt or top in their wardrobe. I have this current obsession with white shirt. I have been looking for a white top; not exactly a T-Shirt or crop top but something classy and simple. I have been shopping yesterday and honestly, I didn’t find any nice white shirt in anywhere except ZARA. I love Zara formal wears. The cuts, the colours, the choice of fabric. Well, I won’t say it is 100 percent perfection but when I want something clean, chic and classy, I will look for Zara. They have a few variety of white shirt in Zara.

Image 1 of HIGH COLLAR STUDIO TOP from Zara

High Collar Studio Top

I love the way the cut of this top. The high collar, the long sleeve and the crop size. It feel comfortable and relax with the wide end sleeves. Something that I will feel comfortable and also, rocking it! With the simple design, it can match with simple skirt or pants. For skirt, I was thinking of checkered pencil skirt or trumpet skirt; something midi. For the pants, something bold and bright; mustard, maroon, camel or cream colour.

Image 3 of POPLIN SHIRT from Zara

Poplin Shirt

This shirt is just a simple cut shirt for formal wear and you can wear with different bottoms which will make the outfit look formal and clean. I couldn’t find the crop shirt white top I seen in Zara yesterday but I saw this yesterday and I do like the texture of material.

I am in need of a white shirt. Desperate. I can never get enough of clothes. It is like a disease but a good one!  Time to splurge on my new found love! Shall head back and buy that white shirt I want!

source : zara.sg

My new found loves.

Firstly, I am not a rich kid so what I can do is : Admire clothes from one corner. Well, I guess everyone wants to have walk-in wardrobe. Maybe not everyone. Who doesn’t a walk-in wardrobe filled with clothes, shoes, bags, rings, necklaces and watches?

source : tumblr.com

Everyday is like a runway show. My dream, My goal in life. Well, today isn’t about walk-in wardrobe. Hence, I will share my new found fashion loves randomly. I am always in love with clothes but there is always this specific month or duration that I will crave a few clothes or shoes. It is always good to know what you need in your wardrobe or else you will be like me, spending my money without thinking. If I am rich, I will buy whatever I love but I ain’t so. I have spend my money wisely!

There are 5 items that I am into now : Kimono Cardigan, Ankle Boots, Leather Jacket, Leather leggings, Midi Skirt.

1. Kimono Cardigan 

How can you not love kimono? Kimono is vibrant, filled with life and beautiful. Floral is part of kimono, it is like a garden on a piece of cloth. It is really beautiful. I really love kimono cardigan! It is like a piece of accessories on the body. Wearing with basic color clothes, taking that kimono cardigan and you will look brand new! Hyping up your style! With the added fringe, it gives a bohemian style! With or without the fringe, I am fine with it but when comes to the other details like the prints or the material, I am quite picky. It is hard to find the right kimono for me. But I know what I am into : floral prints and light fabrics as Singapore is super hot! I wish there are more kimono cardigan in Singapore! I have been looking at them in topshop, new look, zara and freepeople. However, I will be on the lookout for more kimono cardigan!

2. Ankle Boots

Image 1 of METAL HEEL ANKLE BOOT from Zara

I am in love with ankle boots. Firstly, Singapore is super hot so, above knee boots don’t really suit me. And I am in love with this Zara ankle boots! Tell me how to say no! With that metal heel to give an extra edge to the shoe! I seen a lot of ankle boots like H&M, New look, Charles & Keith but nothing beats this Zara. When you try on the shoe, you have to feel like a goddess. Every girl needs a pair of boot. Boots really give an edgy look to the style. You can play with a rock style or a street smart look! How can you say no to Ankle Boots!

3. Leather Jacket

Every girl needs a leather biker jacket! I think it is an essential needs. How can you not have a black leather jacket! When I first try out a leather jacket, I was madly in love with it! It is quite expensive to me but I will definitely save up and purchase one! That cool, edgy and fierce vibe it gives. Loving leather jackets!

4. Leather leggings

I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I am deeply in love with leather now. Leather gives a clean feel and it is such a cool material. I am dying to have a leather leggings. It is simple and gives a nice finishing to the whole outfit. Wearing oversized blouse with leather legging and a pair of boots or heels. Or back to basic : White tee, leather legging and black boots. Hype up that look with a leather jacket! This is the thing, there are many brands having leather leggings but it is up to you if you want to splurge or save. It is matter of opinion! Go on and try different kind of leather leggings to find the perfect fit for you!

5. Midi-Skirt

I am in love with Celine Fall/Winter 2013/2014 midi skirt! I love the cut of this skirt. The way it flows at the bottom feels so elegant and feminine! Midi-skirt is an upcoming trend. The thing about Midi-Skirt is it is not too long or not too short. It was 1970s charm. Skirt was seen everywhere; comes in different lengths. It was the skirt era. Now, Midi-Skirt is coming back! I want to get my hands on one white midi skirt in Zara! Off topic : You should see Jessica Alba in Dior Pink Midi Skirt. She looked gorgeous in it!

What’s your new found loves? Share with me!

source : google.com