Chanel SS 2015 : Back off Gentlemen, Here comes the Ladies

Finally, I got to sit down and watch the fashion runways. Yes, I know I am too damn slow. Forgive me for I have sins. Chanel’s Runway impressed me the most though I wish the clothes could have been better but I do enjoy the concept behind the collection. Apparently from what I have read,  Karl Lagerfield was trying to recreate an history moment MAY 1968. The 1968 crisis has changed the lives of women. They have become more free and respected. They discover that they have the right to speak out. You can see through the clothes that it has the touch of the vibe in the 60s, from the retro to the hippy. The transition was done nicely. I do enjoy how he played with the materials and the shoes are a killer. I always want a Chanel Shoe. It looks damn good!

Enjoy the video guys!

Bear with the pain.

I need a space to talk about my feeling so pardon me as it has nothing related to fashion. Sometimes you ask yourself how good are you and you realized that you are the worst of the worst. Well, that is me right that. A lost hopeless sheep that can’t seem to succeed in anything.

My relationship is on the edge of the rock. I have no idea what I want from my boyfriend or even from me. Why am I so lost? Why do I have to demand so much from him? Why can’t I be satisfied? I keep asking myself why. I can’t help but cry. The feeling of my heart breaking; it sucks. Why do love have to be complex? I wish I can stop this pain.

Acne Studios x Liberty


today’s closetcast: print mania






Who doesn’t love a good print? Liberty of London has collaborated with the likes of Target, J.Crew, and Nike resulting in unique twists on basic silhouettes. I love Liberty prints and this latest collaboration is no exception. Curated by Jonny Johansson, this latest collaboration features classic Liberty prints on Acne Studios pieces, like their classic motorcycle jacket. Not for the price sensitive, these will likely not be making their way into my closet, but I love admiring them from a distance.

What do you guys think?

images via Acne Studios

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DSquared2 ~ Autumn/Winter 2014/15, Ready-to-Wear


IF, three cities in, anyone is suffering from fashion fatigue, then Dean and Dan Caten have got it covered. This morning they set up a “hospital” for those feeling victimised of the fashion variety as their autumn/winter 2014 charade kicked into action and Sixties glamour – albeit purposefully dishevelled at times – took to the catwalk. Ankles on super high sandals came suitably shackled (for restraint purposes, obviously), and every outfit had an air of Norma Desmond about it, this Hollywood star now hiding behind her bejewelled sunglasses and satin column gowns in the confines of the DSquared2 institution.

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The Window to Our Soul

3rd day of 2014. I wanted to start this year well but things don’t usually go the way we plan. Relationship have its ups and downs. I envy cute couples on street; when the boy looks at the girl from the side or when their eyes met. It feels sincere and true. As the saying goes, ” Eyes are the window to our soul. ” Truly it is. You can never lie with your eyes about your feelings. Emotions are translated through our eyes. To look into your partner’s eyes, you can identity if he/she is true to you. I wish I can look into my boyfriend’s eyes; to make me feel less insecure and believe in our relationship more.

Didn’t manage to see him for more than 2 weeks and when he came back, we barely got time for each other. He is busy earning money and studying so am I. Having a part time job and school is not easy. With CCA, it is even more tiring. As a girl, it feels so distance like I barely feel him around. I think most girls will feel this way if they had lesser time with their boy. I just feel a ting of sadness as I can’t hold him like I use to. I can’t glance at him from a side. I can’t see his face and look into his eyes. I only have a picture of him to look at.

Sometimes, when the night comes, my mind run wild. 

2014 ; A new beginning as many says


Well, as many says new year for a new beginning; a brand new start. People creating their new year resolution; trying to do things that they want to accomplish before 2014 ends. Honestly, new year resolutions do not work on me. In the past, I did create a list of new year resolutions but I always gave up half way. Well, I am freaking lazy; the laziest human being on Earth. Okay, lazy is not the correct word. Probably, the most negative person on Earth. Well, I guess many feels the same as me. Being positive in the first quarter of the year but that positive energy just dies. A year will bound to have ups and downs. Downs hit me real bad; sometimes I can’t fight back and let it take over my emotions. I can’t predict what will happen in a year; will I be successful, will I fail in my studies. No one really knows. All I know is treasure every single day; every moment is precious. Even when life just sucks or give me a freaking hell, I just got to stand firm and strong. Hence, I don’t want let the negativity get to me and I don’t have to wait for new year to get things done. Be it 1st January or 31st December, each day count. Each day can make a difference in your life. You can end up doing the craziest thing within a day. You don’t have to create a list to do within a year; create a list that you wanna accomplish within your lifetime. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love new year’s eve! I love the night parties when people gather around, drinking and chatting with one another; talking about their life, their memories. It is a nice night to hang out with your friends. Last new year’s eve ( 31/12/2013 ), I was with my friend and we were at her cafe. It was quite quiet during 10 pm surprisingly. We were sitting outside, listening to great jam, looking at our surrounding and talking about our usual stuff. We just love looking at people doing their thing; getting drunk, crying, laughing, dancing. The place was bursting with life. I never felt alone. Everyone was comfortable with one another; stranger to stranger. When the new year’s eve countdown began, the street were filled with people shouting when the clock strikes 12. When it did, everyone celebrate with toast of their alcohol and there were champagne bottles popping in the streets, people hugging one another. It was a joy to watch. Strangers hugging strangers. It was filled with such positive atmosphere. Somehow, I secretly wish everyday was new year’s eve so strangers will never be strangers.

I hope you guys enjoy your new year’s eve countdown! And hope 2014 will be a good year for everyone!