Louis Vuitton S2014RTW : Marc Jacob’s Last Show For LV

Spring 2014 Ready-To-Wear Collection is Marc Jacobs’ final fashion show for Louis Vuitton. The staging for the show was a recreation of his 16 years tenure at LV : the escalators, the elevators, the fountain and the carousel. It is a reminder of the designer’s excellent showmanship for LV. What a better way to use the shades of black to tell the story of his time in LV! Although it was in shades of black, it didn’t feel like a bitter farewell. It is very emotion but you can tell that Marc want this last showcase to be the best of all. This man did a great job! I was on the edge while see the collection cause it was unexpected by Marc. The beautiful headpiece of Ostrich plumes was designed by Stephen Jones. And they are gorgeous! The theme feels like a showgirl due to the headpiece and some garments that resembled showgirl clothes. 

Don’t you love those garments that are ornamented with combinations of beads, crystals and glossy feathers? I really love when he introduce in another materials onto denim jeans! The sheer layer top with so much details! I love the balance and contrast with the materials he match. Those jeans are the killers!

Who can say no to these biker jackets? The heavy embellished jackets are heaven! When I first saw the jackets, I was like my oh my, I want to have those. Those beautiful embroideries on the jackets, how can you ever say no? Really love the materials he used for this collection. There isn’t much color going on but it was balanced out with textures, surfaces and shades. Well Done to Marc!

source : style.com