Loafers Craze

Recently, I am crazy about loafers. I do fancy loafers from start but recently, it is an addiction to loafers. Everywhere I shop, I look for loafers. I just want a pair of loafers. Okay, maybe not just one but two or three or even ten. How can anyone say no to loafers? It looks comfortable, fashionable and chic. It is a pair of shoe that can glam an day look. I am in love with Celine’s Loafers! It is to die for.

Black and White

Tartan Prints

Gold & Black Patent 

I am a big fan of Celine’s Loafers as it has this masculine touch to it but yet, it is feminine and chic. The loafers can just fit my everyday wear. I can totally pair up with boyfriend’s jeans and white tee with Celine’s Loafers and I will look chic. The loafers are amazing. Everyone should have a pair of Celine’s loafers. People, it is a Need.

source : pinterest.com 

New found love : White Shirt

Who doesn’t love white? I know everyone has one white shirt or top in their wardrobe. I have this current obsession with white shirt. I have been looking for a white top; not exactly a T-Shirt or crop top but something classy and simple. I have been shopping yesterday and honestly, I didn’t find any nice white shirt in anywhere except ZARA. I love Zara formal wears. The cuts, the colours, the choice of fabric. Well, I won’t say it is 100 percent perfection but when I want something clean, chic and classy, I will look for Zara. They have a few variety of white shirt in Zara.

Image 1 of HIGH COLLAR STUDIO TOP from Zara

High Collar Studio Top

I love the way the cut of this top. The high collar, the long sleeve and the crop size. It feel comfortable and relax with the wide end sleeves. Something that I will feel comfortable and also, rocking it! With the simple design, it can match with simple skirt or pants. For skirt, I was thinking of checkered pencil skirt or trumpet skirt; something midi. For the pants, something bold and bright; mustard, maroon, camel or cream colour.

Image 3 of POPLIN SHIRT from Zara

Poplin Shirt

This shirt is just a simple cut shirt for formal wear and you can wear with different bottoms which will make the outfit look formal and clean. I couldn’t find the crop shirt white top I seen in Zara yesterday but I saw this yesterday and I do like the texture of material.

I am in need of a white shirt. Desperate. I can never get enough of clothes. It is like a disease but a good one!  Time to splurge on my new found love! Shall head back and buy that white shirt I want!

source : zara.sg