Dsquared² Spring 2015 Menswear : Pop the colour baby.

Firstly, I apologize for the lack of posts as I am currently studying fashion design in Ta.ftc, located in Singapore. It is the cheapest and shortest course I could get in and I am squeezing in tons of knowledge into my mini brain. It is really tough but it is all worth the while. Cut to the chase and talk about the Spring 2015 Menswear collection. I have been looking at quite a few collection and I particularly like Dsquared² due to the vibrant funky colour tone they put up and also, the sleek and casual style.

Dean and Dan Caten named this collection Stud2io. It was their interpretation  of Andy Warhol’s factory. The colour tone resembles the pop art of Warhol’s painting. Warhol was the king of pop. He lit up an image with vibrant colours. I love the concept of it. It is Spring for godsake, lit up your Spring with colours.

I am in love with their camou coats. I love coats. I love seeing men in coats. The Catens went wild and went all out with a pink speedo coming from the runway. They have dedicated their love towards the beauty of a male body. Kudos to their beautiful runway show.

source : style.com

Balenciaga Spring RTW : A little more of Wang, A little less of Balenciaga

After his debut in February, it was merely a prologue. He felt that it was important to begin correctly, by paying tribute. For this collection, he got his feet wet. I saw some comments on the debate of Balenciaga Spring RTW. Some feels that minis were not a good representation of Balenciaga, some commented that they were sick of the 60s or 70s inspiration. Some hated, Some loved, Some just appreciate the effort by Wang. This collection was about ease. Wang’s concept was about the idea of softness and deflation that you find in Balenciaga. A volume that softens and falls. He did portray his concept well through his pieces.

This collection of S2014RTW by Balenciaga has a sense of Wang’s style in it. Especially the opening pieces – muscle tees, tank and perfecto jackets. They are voices of Wang. Wang took the suit had the ovoid silhouette that is Balenciaga’s signature. It was made from silvery leather twine with wisps of color inserted so that it looked like tweed. I want those suits badly! The silhouettes are clean and neat. I really love the embroidery on the shorts and tops. It was well-designed.


I do enjoy looking at the pieces Wang put up for this collection. Wang was experimenting with cuts on the pants which was amazing; high-waist with a tulip-shaped peplum that curved over the hips. I was like WOW.  And also, those prints/patterns tops with prints/pattern bottom look perfect. There is a fashion rule that we should not mixed patterns with patterns but what the heck! Wang did an amazing job to let the patterns match together. It was chic, probably because of the black & white color theme. I really love black & white. You can never go wrong with that! 


There were trio of dresses that has ruffles suspended from the corset of the bodies.  There were T-shirt dress with sheer layer at the end of it. It looked clean with the whole white theme. I really like Wang’s minimization. He didn’t have much going on for this collection, only by playing with cuts, experimenting on different fabrics. The flow from mini skirt to midi skirt to high-waist shorts, to tulip high waist pants to ruffles dresses to T-shirt dress. He really tried to blend both worlds into one! Well done, Wang!

source : style.com, theguardian.com