New found love : White Shirt

Who doesn’t love white? I know everyone has one white shirt or top in their wardrobe. I have this current obsession with white shirt. I have been looking for a white top; not exactly a T-Shirt or crop top but something classy and simple. I have been shopping yesterday and honestly, I didn’t find any nice white shirt in anywhere except ZARA. I love Zara formal wears. The cuts, the colours, the choice of fabric. Well, I won’t say it is 100 percent perfection but when I want something clean, chic and classy, I will look for Zara. They have a few variety of white shirt in Zara.

Image 1 of HIGH COLLAR STUDIO TOP from Zara

High Collar Studio Top

I love the way the cut of this top. The high collar, the long sleeve and the crop size. It feel comfortable and relax with the wide end sleeves. Something that I will feel comfortable and also, rocking it! With the simple design, it can match with simple skirt or pants. For skirt, I was thinking of checkered pencil skirt or trumpet skirt; something midi. For the pants, something bold and bright; mustard, maroon, camel or cream colour.

Image 3 of POPLIN SHIRT from Zara

Poplin Shirt

This shirt is just a simple cut shirt for formal wear and you can wear with different bottoms which will make the outfit look formal and clean. I couldn’t find the crop shirt white top I seen in Zara yesterday but I saw this yesterday and I do like the texture of material.

I am in need of a white shirt. Desperate. I can never get enough of clothes. It is like a disease but a good one!  Time to splurge on my new found love! Shall head back and buy that white shirt I want!

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Alberta Ferretti S2014RTW : Joyful Clothes

I started noticing Alberta Ferretti since last year when a tumblr I followed reblogged one of her runway. She known to be the queen of dreams as most of her garments are dreamy, fantasy and romantic.  And this time, she sidelined her signature dreaminess to something more dynamic. ” Positive energy, the joy of living, “  that is what she emphasized about her concept behind this collection. The models walked in pure white, pared down with ribbons and mulit-colored embroidery. She was inspired by the land of sun, sea and color in South Africa. And every piece of garment walk down that runway looked flawless. It was like seeing angels walking down the runway in the white silhouette with a touch of vibrant colors of life.


There were a variety of collars and sleeves being used, mainly scoop, jewel and deep V necklines. Those garment had a sense of innocence beauty in them. In addition, she was playing the linear line works in silk and with that glossy smooth surface, the colors were hyped up to another level; the way she used the silk, adding with a variety of color, even black seems surprisingly colorful. It is not just the garment you have to look out for, it is the ballet shoes, embroidered with floral prints. I could not keep my eyes of that shoes as they were gorgeous! With the silk material used as ribbons, together with the vibrant joyful color, it was feminine and simple.




The craftsmanship was excellent as every piece of garment were impeccable. There were tiered skirts, the shirtwaister, the little cropped lines. I really like it when she introduced laces and sheer for the black garments and dresses she designed. The overlap of layers were nicely done. Her dresses were elegant and the way the dress moves were like river flowing; smooth and peaceful. The limelight of the show was that elegant bright orange dress that flow down the runway. It was spectacular. It just make you go blind as soon as the model appeared on the catwalk. Bravo!

It will be every girl’s dream to have a piece of that beautiful dress from this collection! This line will make every girl feel like a queen!  

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