Sorry for the lack of posting! I have been busy with school work; though half of the time I am not listening in class ( long story ) Anyways, if you didn’t follow my instagram, I knitted a scarf with knit and purl stitches and end the ends with fringes. It took me about a month plus as I didn’t commit to it everyday and as I started out, it was tough for me. I was having a hard time to get the tension right. 

The scarf isn’t perfect but I am happy with the result! I am starting on another knitting project! Hope I can get it right! I promise I will try to post regularly! 


Trench Coat Lovers

Let’s toast to Trench Coat Lovers! If you are living in a country that has 4 seasons, lucky you! It is upsetting to be in living in a country that only has the sun and the rain. I love Singapore don’t get me wrong but I just wish it has 4 seasons. My wardrobe will be filled with different clothes for different seasons! I am a big fan of winter collection; the knitwear, the coats, the high-kneed boots, the scarfs and the beanie. How can someone not love them? But, it is just my imagination. I can’t possibly but all those as I know I won’t used them in Singapore. Well, no one said you can’t dream! Since we are entering the winter season, Trench Coat is a must to have.

Trench Coat has been for ages and designers are re-creating it, taking it to a whole new level. Making it simple or going more edgy with the shoulders. I mean there are so many ways to re-design Trench Coat. It is endless. Now, Trench Coat are coming in different colors and length. The two colors I love most are : Red and Black.

Red Trench Coat can bring your style to a new glam look. It is bold and daring color. Black is a color that is tone down and more settled which is suitable to fit any colors.  The thing about trench coat is don’t ever wear a dress that is over the length of your trench coat. It will look weird and there will be too much going on. Pair up with a dress that are above the trench coat length or wear with a pair of leggings or skinny jeans. Ultimately is what matters is the trench coat design. 

People like me, living in a country that only has the sunny and rainy weather, buy blazers as a replacement of trench coat. Well, it is the closest thing we can have. Cheers to the invention of trench coat!

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